TechKool FT PG 30 Heat Transfer Fluid



TechKool FT PG 30  in an inhibited Propylene Glycol Fluid used to provide freeze and burst protection for hot and chilled, closed loop water systems while inhibiting the formation of corrosion.

Applications Include:
HVAC Systems
Process Cooling and Heating
Solar Heating
Refrigeration Warehouse Floor Heating
Thermal Energy Sources
Ice Rinks
Computer Cooling Systems

Typical Properties (Not Specifications):

Propylene Glycol 29
% wt Inhibitors and Water 71
pH of Solution 8.9-10.2

Health & Safety

TechKool FT PG 30 Heat Transfer Fluid is available at our Brighton, Michigan facility in 55-gallon drums, 330 gallon totes and 5 gallon pails.

Storage And Handling:  See Safety Data Sheet Before Use. 
Non-Warranty:  While the information and recommendations sent forth herein are believed to be accurate as of the date thereof, Fortech Products, Inc. makes no warranty with respect thereto and disclaims all liability for reliance therein. 

Last Updated: 09/20/2022

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Features / Benefits

  • Freeze and Burst Protection
  • Reduces Corrosion
  • Low Toxicity

Mix / application & Use

TechKool FT PG 30 should be diluted in water containing <50ppm hardness and <25ppm sulfate and chlorides. DI or distilled water is recommended.