• TechDraw

    Fortech TechDraw offers a wide range of metal forming compounds, from water soluble based, synthetic, straight oil and vanishing lubricants. Fortech’s Drawing, Stamping, Roll-Forming and Fine Blanking products provide superior formability and corrosion protection to ensure a consistent manufacture component. TechDraw is formulated for a variety of metals and applications.

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  • TechKote

    Fortech manufactures a diverse line of coatings for a variety of industrial settings. Our coating products are durable, low VOC and adaptable for applications to both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. With numerous automotive approvals, these products will meet all your needs.

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  • TechKool

    Fortech’s TechKool line of metal working lubricants are ideal for even the most demanding machining operations. TechKool combines excellence in product lubrication, extreme pressure components, biological control and corrosion inhibiting agents to extend tooling and sump life. TechKool is the answers to all your machining needs.

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We are a leading manufacturer of Coatings and Lubricants

Founded in 1995, Fortech Products – a leading industrial lubricants and coatings manufacturer has been a leader in supporting manufacturers by developing lubrication and coatings technologies for over 25 years.  With the various changes in manufacturing processes and substrates over the years, we’ve learned to adapt and create innovative ways to deliver new products, led largely by our team of industry experts and key suppliers.


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