TechKool FT 2001 Water-Soluble Coolant



TechKool FT2001 is a water-soluble, cost-effective, bio-stable, general-purpose oil for metal removal. The emulsion created by this product leaves a light oily residue for rust protection. TechKool FT2001 is manufactured from premium-quality virgin mineral oils and fortified with a special additive package for superior long-term, trouble-free performance and exceptional tool life.

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Typical Properties (Not Specifications):

Appearance Amber Oil
%Non-Volatile Solids 98
Specific Gravity @ 60oF, ASTM D-1298 0.93
Pounds Per Gallon, ASTM D-1298 7.76
pH @ 10.0% (IN Detroit H2O), FWI 3.02 9.0

Health & Safety

TechKool FT2001 is available at our Brighton, Michigan facility in 55-gallon drums, 330 gallon totes and 5 gallon pails.

Storage And Handling:  See Safety Data Sheet Before Use.  Use at room temperature.  Store at temperatures between 45°- 90°F.  Do not expose to extreme high temperature due to container rupture.  Do not pressurize drum or reuse empty container. Follow all safety regulations on label.

Non-Warranty:  While the information and recommendations sent forth herein are believed to be accurate as of the date thereof, Fortech Products, Inc. makes no warranty with respect thereto and disclaims all liability for reliance therein. 

Last Updated: 4/19/2020

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Features / Benefits

  • Metals: ferrous and non-ferrous
  • Processes: general machining, grinding
  • Easily emulsifiable concentrate
  • Long-term emulsion stability
  • Exceptional reserve alkalinity
  • Superior rust and corrosion protection
  • Excellent foam control

Mix / application & Use

Always add TechKool FT2001 concentrate to the water and stir until uniformly mixed. Use premixed coolant as makeup to maintain performance. The makeup you select should balance the water evaporation rate with the coolant carryout rate. A qualified Fortech representative will work with your team to help achieve the most beneficial initial charge and make up concentrations for your operation.